OG Nutrition plant efficient fertilizers and bio-stimulants

The Science

OG Nutrition fertilizers and bio-stimulants are based on organic and enzymatically hydrolyzed amino acids. In terms of plant nutrition, these natural amino acids contain more than twice as many L-amino acids as conventional, chemically hydrolyzed amino acid alternatives. Plus they are safer too. And by significantly outperforming conventional amino acids, OG Nutrition’s superior effectivity delivers a better return on investment as well.

Natural amino acids: more good ingredients and the best safety profile

The raw materials we use are derived from a traceable pharma source. Our partner has proven procedures to ensure human safety. Because of this, we can guarantee that our amino acid-based products have the best safety profile in the market. Unlike synthetic amino acids.

Chemically hydrolyzed amino acids: fewer good ingredients and more health risks

Chemically hydrolyzed amino acids are mostly hydrolyzed from collagen that is typically obtained from tanning animal hides and processing offal. This chemical process requires heavy chemicals and high temperatures and/or pressures. Because of this, the process of chemically hydrolyzing the amino acid actually destroys a lot of what makes an amino acid useful to plant growth. In fact, plants can only take up 50% of chemically hydrolyzed amino acids because the manufacturing process turns the other 50% into biologically ineffective D-amino acids. Chemical hydrolysis also leads to the formation of carcinogenic compounds, something we have found when analyzing competing products.

More effective plant uptake with natural amino acids

Just as with nutrients, when a specific amino acid is missing, it impacts the effectiveness of the amino acid product. Thanks to our use of enzymatically hydrolyzed amino acids, OG Nutrition organic products contain all the amino acids needed to promote better plant growth. Just as importantly, these are all in the biologically active and plant-friendly L-form that comprises the majority of the 20 standard amino acids. Even better, our amino acids are very small. This enables a plant to absorb them through their leaves as well as their roots. The result is that OG Nutrition amino acid products contain the broadest spectrum and highest level of easily absorbable free amino acids in the market.

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