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Bringing high quality and added value solutions to our customers’ production processes.

About us

Our goal is to become the leading supplier of amino acid based natural fertilizers and biostimulation products for agricultural use. The core ingredient of our products is a by-product of a natural pharmaceutical production process based on a mild enzymatic hydrolysis. This results in a superior free amino acid profile that has no synthetic amino acids or other undesirable elements added.

Our clients are leading biotechnical input producers and agricultural production companies. We provide natural and safe solutions that improve crop health, stress resilience and production.

Why OG Nutrition?

Organic Green Nutrition products meet today’s need for high quality and environmentally friendly solutions. Using an exclusive-to-us natural amino acid, our products are more effective and safer than chemically hydrolyzed amino acid products. They are also organic, and they contain the highest levels of easily absorbable free amino acids in the market.

In fact, in terms of plant nutrition, our products are at least twice as strong in L-amino acids versus conventional, chemically hydrolyzed amino acid alternatives. And they are safer too. We call this plant efficient.

Sustainability & Environment

We aim to excel in traceability, reliability, safety and sustainability so that we add more value to our customers’ products and processes.

Our raw materials are sourced directly from an established international pharmaceuticals manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in producing products for the pharma, food, pet food and feed markets.

As an exclusive and independent distributor with direct connections to the source of our raw materials, we can guarantee a steady flow of products with delivery as agreed upon. This makes us a reliable partner to work with.

We care for the environment and natural resources. Our products are 100% natural and contain no synthetic minerals or additives. A comforting thought, when using OG Nutrition products for your soil and foliar applications.


OG Nutrition guarantees that our products are free of contamination. This is achieved by good hygiene protocols both at the source and during production.

We safeguard our quality standards by using only raw materials that have been produced in full compliance with HACCP, ISO, and under certification of the Dutch Food Authority (VWA).

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