Since late 1800 synthetic fertilisers are being used by agriculture. Basically, these fertilisers are combinations of salts providing a limited range of nutritive elements to plants.

As research has shown, there is a limit to what crops can take-up and use in terms of nutrients. This means that applying more and more of a nutrient will not further increase production but instead will accelerate the deterioration of soils and the environment.

For several reasons we need a new way of thinking based on scientific insights in the interaction between environment, crops, soils and management.

All OG NUTRITION products are based on energy-rich organic compounds to which essential nutrition and biostimulants are added. Hence, each product provides three groups of essential compounds for plant and soil: microbial energy, biostimulants and nutrition.

All products contain natural enzymes and silica.

Suitable for vegetables, fruit and herb cultivation.


Any form of stress will negatively impact plants’ energy leading to sub-optimal performance. Energy management becomes ever more important in a rapidly changing climate.


Nutrients are more than NPK alone. Organic compounds are also part of nutrition. Adequate nutrient availability is the key to healthy and productive plants. Plants are what they eat!


In order to function well, plants are dependent on minute quantities of certain molecules. Making sure these molecules are available at the right moment can give amazing results.

Plant efficient and environmentally 

Organic Green Nutrition products meet today’s need for high quality and environmentally friendly solutions. Using an exclusive-to-us natural amino acid, our products are more effective and safer than chemically hydrolyzed amino acid products. They are also organic, and they contain the highest levels of easily absorbable free amino acids in the market. In fact, in terms of plant nutrition, our products are at least twice as strong in L-amino acids versus conventional, chemically hydrolysed amino acid alternatives. And they are safer too. We call this ‘plant efficient’.

Solutions for today’s farming challenges

Horticulture, floriculture and agriculture growers face six broad challenges.

So it’s good to know that Organic Green Nutrition fertilizers and bio-stimulants are based on natural amino acids that are high in L-amino-acid. Through this, they meet the increasing demand for high quality and environmentally friendly agricultural solutions.

What do you want to do?

Reduce abiotic stress?

Give your plants an energy boost

Solutions to reduce abiotic stress

Reducing abiotic stress – stress caused by heat, cold, drought, salinity, etc – is one of the best ways to ensure your plants are focusing their energy on healthy growth instead of simple survival.

Any stress eats into a plant’s energy levels. For plants to resist abiotic stress, to generate enough energy, to stay healthy and to grow, flower and to produce, they need a large variety of amino acids. After all, the building block of life, the genetic code, contains 20 proteinogenic amino acids, not a couple. When you offer plants a limited number of amino acids, the plant has to invest valuable energy in assembling the missing amino acids. This in turn reduces the energy available for other plant growth processes.

Our range of natural L-amino acid products provide plants with the energy boost they need to cope with stress better and so produce to their maximum. Compared with chemically hydrolysed amino acid products, OG Nutrition organic fertilizers and bio-stimulation products contain more than twice as much of the L-amino acids plants need, covering the 20 standard amino acids of the genetic code. OG Nutrition amino acid products also contain the highest levels of easily absorbable free amino acids in the market.

Stop long-term soil destruction?

Keep your soil in great condition

Solutions to stop long-term soil destruction

The excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers poisons a soil and degrades its productivity over time. Organic matter in the soil gets burned off, microbial life decreases and toxic elements build up. Slowly but surely, plants face an increasingly hostile environment. This adds stress, increases susceptibility to diseases and reduces yields and productivity.

The smart strategy has to be to help plants cope with adverse growing conditions while also trying to restore the soil to a naturally healthy state.

This approach enables growers to escape the downward spiral of repeatedly needing to use more and stronger fertilisers and pesticides to compensate for deteriorating soil quality.

Unlike fertilisers and pesticides made with chemically hydrolysed amino acids, our biologically active L-amino acids are not aggressive in the way they work. They also do not contain the D-amino acids, salts and heavy metals that can contribute to soil destruction.

Comply with chemical-residue standards

Boost your crop’s resilience without spraying chemicals

Solutions to comply with chemical-residue standards

Whether you are producing for your home market or export markets, EU and US regulations are increasingly defining the global standard when it comes to chemical residues in agricultural and horticultural crops. And the bottom line is that only no or very limited amounts of chemical residues are acceptable.

At the same time, growers need to safeguard their crops against the ever-present threat of pests, diseases and stress. But just spraying more chemicals is no longer an option – for financial reasons as well as to comply with human and environmental health chemical-residue standards. So farmers need other solutions.

Compared with chemically hydrolysed amino acid products, OG Nutririon organic fertilizers and bio-stimulation products contain all the L-amino acids plants need; they cover the 20 standard amino acids that form the building blocks for life. Our products contain 50% more l-amino acids than the next-best products on the market – and up to 10 times as many as one of the leading sellers. By switching to OG Nutrition products, growers can boost crop resilience to abiotic stress and so reduce their reliance on chemical sprays.

Meet organic certification standards

Benefit from the growing demand for organic and near organic

Solutions to meet organic certification standards

The growth in the market for both organic food and standard food produced with fewer chemicals is one of the biggest trends sweeping agriculture. Once a niche choice, organic food is now mainstream in Europe and North America, its growth fueled by consumers who increasingly demand transparency when it comes to food safety, chemical preservatives, genetically modified ingredients and pesticides.


This trend is predicted to extend to emerging markets in Asia-Pacific, especially India and China. As this will require further increases in production, many governments are now actively promoting the use of organic products. Their policies aim to maintain the quality of both organic products and standard ones grown using fewer chemicals. It’s therefore good to know that all OG Nutrition products are approved for use in certified organic based systems.

Adapt better to climate change?

Meet the challenges posed by climate change

Solutions to adapt better to climate change

With climate change making seasonal weather patterns more unpredictable, the sources and degree of stress placed on crops is set to change and increase. The impact will range from unexpected extreme heavy rainfall to prolonged drought and even changes to the length, start and end of the growing season.

By keeping crops in optimal shape and creating more homogeneity in the maturity of the crop, growers can – partially at least – mitigate the ever-increasing risk of lower yields and crop failures.

Optimize your return on investment?

Make your investments go further

Solutions to optimize your return on investment

It’s simple really: strong plants are less susceptible to disease than weak ones. And amino acids provide the energy needed for better growth and greater resistance to stress. That’s good news for horticulture, floriculture and agriculture growers.

Given the chance, plants absorb good quality free amino acids rapidly. These free amino acids become part of the metabolic system of the plant and provide extra energy for stronger and healthier growth and increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.

This increases grain, vegetable, fruit and flower crop quality and quantity, and reduces the need to use expensive and often environmentally damaging chemicals and pesticides. Better yields grown at lower cost equals a better return on investment.

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